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Toys For Pittsburgh Tikes

Our Mission:

Our objective is to aid children in need throughout Pittsburgh and its neighboring regions by supplying "New" toys, books, and premium play items during the festive season and other periods when help is needed, thus nurturing joyful childhood experiences and enriching lives.

Who Are We?

All children should experience the joy of laughter, the wonder of surprise and the excitement of receiving special gifts, especially at Christmas time, for their birthdays and other special events in their life.

Unfortunately, there are so many children in the Pittsburgh area who won’t receive gifts at Christmas, for so many different reasons. In situations like these, especially when children are affected, it calls to our hearts to reach out and help, and that’s the mission of Toys for Pittsburgh Tikes.

It started with the simple and caring act of kindness with the Greater Pittsburgh Business Connection, a 60-member networking group.  They collected toys and donations for children on two consecutive weekends before Christmas for many years. But their commitment to help children became bigger, much bigger and as a result of their compassionate efforts, they established Toys for Pittsburgh Tikes, a 501(c)(3) organization

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Thank you to our 2024 Sponsors:

Our Community

Toys for Pittsburgh Tikes is a non-profit organization run by volunteers and supported by over 70 sponsors and local businesses who provide the resources needed to buy NEW toys, support charities, and work with local police in the distribution of toys to local children in need.

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Upcoming Events

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I love seeing the positive effects that this organization has in the community.

Greg Feorene

We've always been about giving back to the local community, and Toys For Pittsburgh Tikes does just that!

Chris Rupp

We are committed to helping this amazing cause.

Kelli Tamewitz

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